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Bao Son Travel, a member of BaosonGroup, has built a solid reputation during more than 20 years of operation.

We pride ourselves on offering unique vacations with a variety of themes, hosting corporate and private events, as well as serving local celebrities and small groups of travelers. Exploring, relaxing and interacting with cultural and natural heritage are always top priorities.

We are committed to providing unique and memorable travel experiences, always creating to touch customers' emotions and ensuring 100% absolute satisfaction. Our team of senior travel experts is always ready to advise 24/7. Please contact us now to receive dedicated support!

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Bao Son Travel is proud to be a travel company specializing in providing leading luxury travel services in Vietnam and Asia

has won many domestic and international awards.


Because travel is not just a trip for a leisurely life, we – cultural ambassadors, want to turn each journey with your footprints into memorable moments and unforgettable stories.


Conquering every Vietnamese heart, becoming the leading tourism brand in Vietnam. At the same time, becoming the number one priority partner of international tourism units.


Because travel is not just a trip for a leisurely life, we – cultural ambassadors, want to turn each journey with your footprints into memorable moments and unforgettable stories.


The core value for Bao Son Travel is customers. We always try to create rich and unique travel itineraries, helping customers discover new and interesting destinations.



We are both proud and humbled by the recognition from customers and industry experts for our commitment to service excellence. Learn more about the awards we've won over the years.

Dear Dear Customers,

We would like to express our sincere and deep gratitude to all customers who have placed their trust and support in Bao Son Travel over the years.

With a leadership team possessing extensive experience and deep understanding of the field of Tourism and Event Management, along with a diverse range of products including entertainment, hotels, resorts, and staff Creative, enthusiastic and passionate, along with professional, dynamic and dedicated tour guides, Bao Son Travel is proud to be a leading unit and has won the trust of the majority of customers in many countries. type of service we provide. Our Classic, Wellness and Adventure travel programs, in particular, have achieved significant success.

We always follow the slogan "Relax and feel your best" and implementing a strategy of diversification and selective product selection, ensuring that we continually deliver the highest quality services and benefits to our customers and partners.

Finally, we would like to wish health, success and happiness to all of our customers. We strongly believe that every journey with Bao Son Travel will bring you interesting and meaningful experiences.

Sincerely thank you for your support and trust.

General Director of Bao Son Corp
Member Company of BaosonGroup

Bao Son Travel is known as one of the first reputable travel companies in the Vietnamese market with a system of offices spanning Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of tourism and a team of leading tourism design experts, we are confident to bring you unique, impressive and memorable experiences.


Bao Son Travel is a professional travel company in designing travel programs based on customers' individual requirements. We provide high-end resort tourism, tourism and conference services (MICE) with the ability to serve high-end tourist groups ranging from 1 to 1,000 people.

We can design on request honeymoon travel programs for couples, travel programs for family and friends, culinary tours, tours for golfers or travel enthusiasts. resort and many other forms of tourism. We always pay attention to every detail from transportation methods to guests' diets and choose the accommodation that best suits the requirements of each of our customers.

We invest heavily in product development and continuously update you with the latest tours and most popular products in each region across the country. Each tour is designed to briefly introduce the culture and cuisine of each region, allowing you to fully experience the land you visit. We are Vietnamese, that's why we try to make sure you get the best of our country.

Bao Son Travel is a private company fully registered under the current laws of Vietnam. We have won many awards from the travel industry and from customers, which is a testament to our credibility, reputation and long-term experience. Most of our business comes through referrals and suggestions from our business network. We are always ready to share our knowledge and experience to satisfy our travel passion, bringing unique and interesting regional experiences from our services. . We regularly receive positive and satisfied feedback from customers who have used the company's services through reviews on TripAdvisor. Our company is always proud of customer satisfaction with a rate of up to 99% and over 60% of customers return to use the services we provide. In addition, with an ecosystem from many different fields, stretching across the territory of Vietnam, customers can be completely assured with our quality and service.

Responsible tourism is defined as an approach to tourism management and business that does not impact, or degrade, the cultural and natural environment of the places where tourists visit. As a responsible indigenous tourism operator, we aim to create wonderful destinations, livable places for visitors to explore and experience. We are committed to doing our best to become a sustainable and responsible tourism business. With effective measurement management solutions, we try to minimize negative impacts from tourism activities. The products we build are guaranteed not to harm the environment, but will even make positive contributions, helping to promote local image. Besides, we are also ready to support our partners to develop sustainable tourism with us, and help tourists raise awareness about sustainable tourism.

We want you to be satisfied in every aspect when you believe in the brand promise.
As a customer of Bao Son Travel, a member company of Bao Son Group, you have the right to:
+ Enjoy authentic and unique experiences with the most excellent and memorable service.
+ Enjoy high-class service (attitude + service art + process standards) from competent human resources (attitude + skills + knowledge).
+ Be able to make your own request and get the plot according to your request and respond to requests, demands or questions within 24 hours.
+ Be treated with care, safety, privacy, quality, equality, respect and honesty by all staff.
+ Be 100% satisfied with the service or your money back, and enjoy polite, enthusiastic and thoughtful customer care.
At Bao Son Travel, our passionate professional team serves from the heart for a worthy experience. Our biggest goal is to ensure customer satisfaction.

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